The Young Storyteller Awards


     Created by Harold L. Brown, and Jane Keller, The Young Storytellers Award is given each season to young people 15 and under who tell great stories with film, the written word, photography, song or any other method of expressing themselves to others.  The voice and vision of a child is limitless and should be unencumbered.  Therefore there is ZERO Admission Fee for ALL Young Storytellers 15 years old and Under (age at project creation).

Awards include; Plaques/Trophies and/or certificates, Cash (for top winners), mentorship, equipment, software, and more.  Waivers are available to any student 15 years old or under. 

     Interested?  Just drop an e-mail to 

Be sure to include a link to your film or video project and or script for submission and review as well as a reference for 'Young Storytellers' in your e-mail.  

Remember there is No Risk and No Cost even if the Young Writer  Artist / Filmmaker or Performers work is accepted.