X-World Short Film Festival - America


     X World Short Film Festival is a Festival for Independent Filmmakers from all over the World, that dare to eXpress their fantasy creativity and crazy ideas through Films.

If your Short Film produces one or more of the following reactions (in alphabetical order):  "Ahahahahah!!"  "Awww!!"   "Cool!!"  "Incredible!!"  "This is crazy!!"
"Wait! What??!!" 
...and if you think that your Film will make the audience feel amazed-excited-thrilled-amused, then this Festival is for you!

     Originally created by the Award Winning Actress / Dancer and Filmmaker Alessandra 'Alex' Guarino, the show welcomes the weird and the wonderful.  There is also a sister festival held in Italy every season along with the Las Vegas Show.

      Interested?  Just drop an e-mail to: info.noriskfeefest@gmail.com

For more information, visit:  XWorldShortFilmFestival    Be sure to include a link to your film or video project and or script for submission and review as well as a reference for 'X-World' in your e-mail.  Remember there is No Risk and No Cost if your work is not accepted.