The Great Las Vegas  Asian Film Awards


     Join Award-Winning Filmmaker and Writer Lureen Wu as she brings you a selection of pure, Asian Cinema for Screenings and Awards from Sept. 2 - 6, 2020 in Las Vegas at the 2020 16th Annual AOF Megafest.

     The situation surrounding COVID-19 has caused a lot of pain in the film and entertainment industries and no group has been affected more than Asian Filmmakers, Writers, and Creators.  In order to combat the uninformed attacks on our fellow filmmakers, this special event welcomes Asian Filmmakers, Writers, Producers, and Directors.  Let your voices be heard and don't let 2020 and your work be wasted.

      Interested?  Just drop an e-mail to:

Be sure to include a link to your film or video project and or script for submission and review.  Remember there is No Risk and No Cost if your work is not accepted.