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July 26-August 1, 2021 Las Vegas 

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Submit your work via link  - no payment due unless your work is accepted after review -  along with your name to:


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Kill Me-TMIF-poster

The Fate- NCFMF
The Fate- NCFMF



     How do we do it?  First of all, we don't take your fees unless we can show your film or place your script into competition. 

     Yeah, it's that simple.

The model for the traditional festival is to first amass a ton of submissions. Then festival directors and staff pick a select few to screen or go into competition.

This process leaves behind hundreds, and in many cases, thousands of filmmakers and writers who are left with nothing. 


Their dreams are dashed, their submissions fees are gone and they have wasted time, effort and MONEY.


Wait, did you say that 'you don't take submission fees unless you put my project in your competitions?'

Yep, we said it and we mean it.  Unlike other Film Festivals out there,our AOF Megafest Film Festivals, Sister Festivals, Written Word Competitions and Specialty Events have NEVER existed based on submission fees.  In fact, every year we add more screens and screening time in order to accept more of your great work to show.

Our model is very simple.  We look at your film, short, doc, video, script, story, art and if it fits into our programming we'll let you know.  At that point you can purchase a ticket for your entry and that's it, you're in. 

Here are some FAQs And Answers For You

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How Do I Enter?

Just send a working link to your film, short, short-short, doc, video, feature, script, song, poem or story to: 

What Happens Then?

We are going to watch your film or read your script and then we'll let you know within two weeks of receipt whether we can include it in one or more of our competitions.

How Much Is the

Entry Fee?

The entry fee for any project entered once accepted into competition is $60.00   There are no early fees, late fees or extra fees of any kind for submission.

When & Where Is The Show?

This year the AOF Megafest will be LIVE held in Las Vegas NV July 26 to August1, 2021  featuring screenings, parties, award shows, seminars and special events.
Galaxy Theaters - Boulevard Mall -Las Vegas

And Then?

And then you'll be allowed to purchase your entry ticket and put it directly into competition, screenings, nominations and awards for both film and written word during our live events July 26-Aug.1, 2021 Las Vegas

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Is There A List of the Festivals?

Yes, all of the MegaFest festivals that your work may find a home induring our 10+ Day show, are listed below.  You may also visit their individual sites there.

No matter the Genre, Style, Budget or Length of your project, we have a show that will fit almost any film, short, doc, music video, artwork, concept, script, short story, poem etc.,  


Whether you are a seasoned industry professional or a first time filmmaker or writer just looking for a break let No Risk Fee Fest  assist you in reaching your goals.  No pressure, No BS, no Waiting, No Wasted Submission Fees and No Hassles GUARANTEED

One more thing, if you update your script or film after you've been approved for entry,
Thank you. 

Submit your work via link along with your name to

Stop Wasting Submission Fee and experience the No Risk Fee Fest Difference!

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All of these festivals take place   

LIVE in LAS VEGAS  From July 26- August 1, 2021 at Galaxy Theaters 

You can enter one or all by sending us a link of your work TODAY!

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We Only Do Live Events

All of our shows are held in the most beautiful Luxury Theaters and Locations in the World

No Online Scams or shows

without screenings

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We've Never Been Cancelled

In 16 years of Operations; We have NEVER cancelled or Postponed a Show.  If we did we would credit any submitting filmmaker, writer or ticket holder.  In short, we won't leave you hanging like other shows.

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I absolutely LOVED being a part of this festival! Everyone involved made me feel so welcome and so at ease. The networking opportunities were excellent! Thank you for a truly amazing experience!

Tim Realbuto Actor / Writer / Teacher

What People Say

Just the Facts:

You Do Not Have to Enter ANY No Risk Fee Fest - We Take Care of That for you once you are accepted   
We Accept Projects on a first come first served basis  /  Once our program is Final, we stop accepting projects and fees  /  When you submit a project link or written word project for review, you are warranting that you have the right to the material you are submitting  /  We Do Not Offer Waivers or Discounts of Any Kind - We've researched the industry and $60.00 is the Average Submission Fee both Domestically and Internationally

Did you Update Your Script or Film?  There is NO Charge or Fee to Update your Submission

Got Questions?  Feel Free to submit your question(s) via our  Contact Page

Please note, contacts with links to projects are given first priority.

Thank you!

The 2021 Season is now closed. Stay tuned for the opening of the 2022 season.